About Vic Stahl

Vic’s Oven is the inspiration of — go figure — Vic Stahl.

Vic’s a local boy, having grown up right next door in the town of Beaver. After moving to Baton Rouge for a year when he was 19, Vic came back to western PA (they always do). He wasn’t crazy about going to college, though, and at one point even considered getting into wooden boat building.

But since there wasn’t a big demand for wooden boat builders at the time, Vic decided instead to enroll in the International Culinary Academy in Pittsburgh. He had always enjoyed making things from scratch at home, and practicing the culinary arts would allow him to express his creativity.

Eventually Vic moved to Nantucket where he served for a time as sous chef serving up fine culinary creations to beachgoers and celebrities. Then, at 26, he again returned home (we told you) to raise his son and be closer to family.

In 2008 Vic’s pizza shop landed in New Brighton.  While there, he took the opportunity to push his creativity, coming up with inspirations like wedding-soup pizza, chicken-curry pizza, and even a Big Mac-inspired pie. It was also there where he perfected his dough- and bread-making chops, coming up with the signature recipe that so many locals have come to know and love.

Eventually, Vic felt it was time to break out on his own and fulfill a lifelong dream of owning his own place. And that’s how, in 2016, Vic’s Oven in Bridgewater was born.

Vic’s Pizza has won numerous awards, to include 2012 WPXI Best of the Burgh Pizza.

Stop in today—or order online—and let Vic create something special for you.