Think pizza is pizza? Try that local delivery joint. But if you want something unique, a specialty pie handcrafted by a true culinary artist, head on down to Vic’s Oven in Bridgewater.

Vic’s Oven does pizza right. Everything at Vic’s — from their speciality round pies to their Sicilian square-style pizzas — is made from scratch and made to order, using nothing but the freshest toppings and ingredients.  Traditional pepperoni? They’ve got you covered. Looking for something a little more imaginative? How’s Chicken-Bacon- Ranch hit you?

And that’s just a little taste of what you’ll find at Vic’s. They’ve also got calzones, pizza rolls, breadsticks, hot sandwiches, and salads—all made with the same quality ingredients you’ll find in Vic’s pizza.

Vic’s Oven—You’ve never tasted anything like it!